Sindashi is pure human talent, it is excellent craftsmanship. A Sindashi garment is fully painted and hand embroidered. Each artist signs his work making it unique.



Our creative process begins with an idea that is realized only after a careful and precise analysis of the materials to be combined with the paintings to be created, to dress today's woman with a timeless femininity. The materials we use range from natural cotton of different weights, linen, suede, wool, velvet to jeans.


The paintings made by the artists on the garments of our collections through meticulous craftsmanship techniques, are often inspired by the civilizations that inhabited pre-Hispanic Mexico such as Maya, Aztec, Otomi, Olmec, Zapotec, Mixtec, Toltec among others. In our paintings you can observe traditional and representative elements that have always been in the DNA of Mexico, such as the famous Talavera Poblana (ceramic of protected origin), the jaguar, the hummingbird, the warriors, the flowers and the legendary catrina.


The embroidery illuminates and enriches our precious paintings, converting them into the maximum expression of elegance. An embroidery made entirely by hand reproduces the effect of a refined workmanship and expresses a tribute to the beauty of manual skills. In our creations the beads and crystals are manually applied one by one, thanks to the skill of our artists and through ancestral techniques handed down from generation to generation.


A Sindashi garment is born and is completely made in our headquarters in San Miguel de Allende. The ideas of our creative director Angela Nasta take shape in our workshops where the dress is cut using high quality materials. Depending on the fantasy to be painted, the garment is passed to the artist who, once finished, signs his work and fixes the colors on the fabric thanks to a special oven. Finally, the embroidery is applied manually by the women of the local communities.


Posso lavare un capo Sindashi?

Certamente, i nostri capi possono essere lavati a mano o in lavatrice con sapone neutro. In caso di ricamo si raccomanda un lavaggio in lavanderia.

Posso richiedere un capo personalizzato?

Possiamo richiedere un capo su misura per te con la fantasia che preferisci.

Posso aggiungere un biglietto di auguri?

Si, scrivi il testo del biglietto e il numero del tuo ordine a e noi ci prenderemo cura di inserirlo all'interno del pacco.