Hai già scelto il look di San Valentino?  Ecco le nostre tendenze preferite

Have you chosen your Valentine's look yet? Here are our favorite trends

It's time to think about Valentine's Day! There are many ways to prepare for this day of love & friendship where you deserve to feel stylish but most of all yourself! If you're looking for some ideas for Valentine's Day outfits, read on to discover some of our favorite trends!

Original floral patterns

Experiment with an item of clothing with floral patterns and bright colors and pair it with your favorite heel and some accessories for a cute and romantic look!

Refined and playful dress

An elegant day requires an appropriate garment. In this case, we prefer to start with a midi dress and add some discreet accessories. The playful charm of pink and purple and the romance of deep red come together and create a seductive atmosphere.

Romantic Skirt

As people nowadays prefer comfort in daily life, cute and fashionable skirts have become extremely popular. Short, eye-catching styles are our favorites, but you could also choose long for a comfortable, relaxed outfit.

Short, fresh and youthful dress.

A casual or cocktail dress is the perfect balance between a romantic Valentine's Day look and an outfit for a night out with friends. Pink and blue are perfect for a sweet but intriguing vibe while patterned brings a touch of sophistication.