Ecco come prendere le misure del corpo per ordinare il tuo abito fatto su misura

Here's how to take your body measurements to order your made-to-measure dress

In recent years, trends have changed a lot and people tend to prefer online shopping. That's why you need to learn how to take your own measurements, especially if you want to make a custom dress. Here are our tips:

1. Dream first! Take the dresses on our page as a basis. We can customize each model and create a special and unique garment just for you. Add sleeves or a longer train or perhaps an eye-catching neckline.

2. Measure. Find out on the next slide how and where to measure accurately and precisely to create the dress you've always dreamed of

3. Choose the main material.

4. Choose the painting you want for your dress by looking at our existing collections. You might find something you like and you can change the color!

5. Do you want to embellish your dress with fine and elegant embroidery?

6. Keep in mind our shipping time! If you order a custom dress from us, your order would arrive within 3 months if you live in Italy.

Do you want to create your dress from scratch? Do you dream of letting your imagination fly and designing the perfect dress according to your taste? Come to the showroom and find out how to get a consultation to make the dress of your dreams.

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